Orchid plant Dendrobium Rose Betty Red
June 13, 2022
Rose betty blue
Orchid plant Dendrobium Rose betty Blue
June 17, 2022

Orchid plant Dendrobium Emerald Splash469


Type: Hybrid
Plant size: Seedling
Flower Size: 6- 8cm
Available: Without flowers or buds
Orchid plant Dendrobium Emerald Splash469 is seedling size plant mounted in coconut husk. Check the second image for average size of plant.
The plants will be delivered to you without flowers of buds .It will give beautiful flowers within six

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Dendrobium orchid plant care
Dendrobium is the largest of all orchid groups. It requires less care so it is commonly called beginners
We can place our dendrobium orchids in the east or west facing balcony which gives few hours of
sunlight. Otherwise we can place it under nets allowing 50-60% sunlight to pass through. Exposure to
direct sunlight may cause sunburn.
Water dendrobium plants daily preferably in the mornings. But keep it in mind over watering is more
harmful than under watering. So do watering only when the media in the pot is dry.
Between 50-80% humidity is best for orchids.
Dendrobiums like temperature between 20 -30 0 c.
Media and Fertilizer
Dendrobium orchids can be potted using charcoal and coco chips. Avoid coco chips in the monsoon
affecting areas. Dendrobiums need fertilizer once in a week and fungicide twice in a month.

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